Category: Legislative Bills

  • A bill to amend 1927 PA 175, entitled “The Code of Criminal Procedure” (MCL 760.1 to 777.69) by adding Section 27a to Chapter IX.

    DRAFT 1 SENATE BILL NO. /HOUSE BILL NO. September 1, 2021, Proposed by the Legislative Committee of The Adolescent Redemption Project, Incorporated, and supported by the National Lifers of America, Incorporated, and referred to certain members of the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives.


    Draft OnlyPROPOSED HOUSE BILLNovember, 2019, Proposed to the Committee on Law and Justice by State Representative(s)A bill to amend 2019 PA 47 and 1953 PA 232 entitledChapter 791 Department of Corrections (§§791.1-791.601) Act 232of 1953 (Chs. 1-IV)” Chapter III Bureau of Pardons And Paroles;Parole Board (§§ 791.231 791.246) to read…