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  • Photographs of Second Look Rally

    September 16, 2023, we held our second Citizens for Second Look Rally, building on the first event hosted by Pastor Stephans from the Pure Word Missionary Baptist Church in Detroit we held an event hosted by Pastor David Sickelka and the Peoples Church of Flint. Here are some photos thanks…

  • Bears for Kids

    Bears for Kids

    To Donate to the Bears for Kids Program at Macomb Facility Special Activities Director and NLA Liason Maria ViscontiEmail: viscontim@michigan.govPhone Macomb Facility : 586-749-4900 NLA Chapter 1012 Bears for Kids Program at Macomb Correctional Facility In March 2004, Tilmon Barnett’s cellmate handed him a flyer about a Benefit Dinner for…

  • Village Second Chance: The Second Monday of the month 6:00pm Eastern on ZOOM

    Anyone is welcome to join Village Second Chance. To visit, fill out this form: ABOUT VILLAGE Second Chance Are you passionate about criminal justice reform? You want to help redeem incarcerated people to become productive citizens? Then join us at Village Second Chance! We are building a place for…

  • Good Time

    Good Time

    Find out more at Michigan Justice Advocacy MI 2023 Good Time Ballot Email your Lawmakers HERE

  • Support Second Look Legislation

    Second Look Sentencing Legislation is smart legislation that is evidence-based criminal justice reform. It does not open a flood gate permitting all convicted felons to be released from prison. It does not allow murderers to escape punishment. What it does is give incarcerated persons an opportunity to petition the trial/sentencing…


    This brief report is an update on our progress and lack of information circulated statewide to our Local Chapters. Some of our membership in various NLA Chapters, Women’s Huron Valley in particular, were curious about the lack of information they receive concerning the NLA’s direction statewide. I truly know and…

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  • News ‘Reels’ “Mother rallies for her son to get a ‘second look’ at his prison sentence” Fox 47News Youtube