Support Second Look Legislation

Second Look Sentencing Legislation is smart legislation that is evidence-based criminal justice reform. It does not open a flood gate permitting all convicted felons to be released from prison. It does not allow murderers to escape punishment. What it does is give incarcerated persons an opportunity to petition the trial/sentencing court to take a second look at their sentence, the number of years they have served, their age at sentencing, their rehabilitation, their education, and their prison misconduct history to make a determination if resentencing is earned and deserving. Second Look Sentencing Legislation is a hybrid sentencing mechanism that helps reduce mass incarceration and relieve the cost of corrections (tax-paying citizens) by allowing lifers and long-indeterminate sentenced prisoners to earn a second chance at life outside of prison. Second Look Sentencing is earned it is not just given. Second Look Sentencing Legislation allows those prisoners who are safe to release to be released and those prisoners who are not safe to release to be kept in prison.


Contact your State Representative and State Senator let them know you support Second Look Sentencing Legislation and ask that they support it also. Tell them why you support such legislation. If you have a family member or friend incarcerated that will benefit from Second Look Sentencing Legislation send your representative a picture of your loved one and tell them why your family member or friend incarcerated deserves a second chance. The time to act is now! Join us to tell all our elected officials (Governor, Lt. Governor, State Representatives, and State Senators) that Second Look Sentencing Legislation is RIGHT for Michigan.

Please contact the House Criminal Justice Committee members.

Send Mail to:
Michigan House of Representatives
PO BOX 30014
Lansing, MI

48909-7536 Kara Hope – Holt 517.373.8900

Joey Andrews – St Joseph 517.373.0827

Graham Filler – Lansing 517.373.1788

Tyrone Carter – Detriot 517.373.0154

Kelly Breen – Novi 517.373.2575

Stephanie Young – Detroit 517.373.2576

Noah Arbit – West Bloomfield 517.373.3816

Emily Dievendorf – North Lansing/Dewitt 517.373.2277

Penelope Tsernoglou – East Lansing 517.373.2668

Mike Mueller – Linden 517.373.8040

Robert Bezotte – Howell 517.373.3906

Mike Harris – Clarkston 517.373.0828

Brian Begole – Perry 517.373.0853

Joe Tate – Detroit 517.373.0857

Abraham Aiyash – Hamtramck 517.373.6990

Please contact the Senate Committee on Civil Rights, Judiciary & Public Saftey members.

Send mail to:
Michigan State Senate
PO BOX 30036,
Lansing, MI 48909-7536

Stephanie Chang – Detroit 517.373.7346

Sue Shink – Northfield Twp 517.373.2426

Jim Runestad – Whitelake 517.373.1758

Winnie Brinks – Grand Rapids 517.373.1801

Paul Wonjo – Warren 517.373.8360

Jeff Irwin – Ann Arbor/Yspi 517.373.2406

Sylvia Santana – Detroit 517.373.0990

Ruth Johnson- Groveland Twp 517.373.1636


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