Second Look Brings Second Hope

Author: Mario Cavin

Over the last 20-30 years, misinformed citizens believed that incentives to prisoners meant rewarding negative behavior. This led to the MDOC adopting a policy/custom of “let’s take this from them” and “they don’t deserve that”.

After years of losing many things from good time and disciplinary credits, to clothing, to educational programming, to rehabilitation programming, and being told that “life means life”, the mentality on the inside became “I don’t have $@*! else to lose. Why should I care?” This

led to an increase in violence and drug use throughout the state prison system. And not just the lifers! Even the over nighters (those serving 10-years or less) began adopting an “I don’t give a #$*&” attitude. But now that Second Look Sentencing and Good Time are real possibilities in Michigan, mentalities on the inside are likewise shifting. I recently overhear two lifers – both known for gang and drug involvement – discussing the need to make changes. These conversations are most likely happening around the state at other correctional facilities.

So, to our esteemed Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Legislators, and MDOC Officials, please remember that taking is not the answer. Hope develops the desire to change and hope gives people something to strive for, something to live for. This hope also extends to our loved ones –

your constituents – who have otherwise given up had it not been for an opportunity at a “Second Look”.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mario Cavin (Prison No. 326204) is serving a 37-year sentence in the Michigan Department of Corrections and is housed at the Macomb Correctional Facility, 346215 26 Mile Rd., Lenox Township, MI 48048. Mario is a Certified Paralegal, a Local Board member with the National Lifers of America, Inc. and an active member of The Adolescent Redemption Project (TARP).


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